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What Not to Do After Botox

Botox Cosmetic is the #1 rated product of its kind, best known for addressing wrinkles, softening frown lines across foreheads, crow’s feet, eyebrow lift, smokers’ lines, flaring nostrils, jowl grooves, and nasolabial fold lines.

While looking their best is a top priority for many people who choose Botox, it is important to take proper care following the treatment in order to receive the best results.

The process will vary depending on the area and your particular body, but here are general things you should Not Do after receiving Botox treatments:

Touching The Treated Area

A Botox injection is administered in a precise manner to achieve the desired effects, so it’s vital to avoid touching that area for at least six hours and ideally 24 hours following the treatment to avoid the product moving to unintended muscles.

You may feel some discomfort after the procedure and want to massage or rub the area, but remember that your skin needs to recover from the treatment, so any unnecessary or added movement could produce unwanted results.

After the recommended time period has elapsed, you can gently wash the treated area with soap and water.

Careless Lounging/Sleeping

To allow Botox to properly settle within your body, it’s recommended to avoid the horizontal position for about four hours following your treatment.  Also, several days following your treatment, try to sleep on your back to have the best possible results.

Physical Activity

Active lifestyle is not recommended right after a Botox treatment, especially any strenuous activity.  You could return to your regular exercise régime after a couple of days, but many people choose to take it easy for up to a week after the cosmetic treatment.

Facials/Other Cosmetic Treatments

Facials, chemical peels and other face treatments can interfere with your Botox treatment, causing undesirable results – so plan to have at least 24 hours in between.


It’s important to stay in touch with and within reach of your doctor who administered the Botox procedure so that, in case you would experience any unexpected side effects, they’d be able to help remedy any issue.


Do not consume alcohol at least a few days before and one day after your Botox procedure to avoid any negative reactions, such as bruising.

Painkillers/Blood Thinners

Depending on how quickly you recover, certain drugs, such as aspirin, should be avoided for 48 hours following the Botox treatment – they can cause your blood to thin and cause excess bleeding.  It’s best to consult your doctor on when you can start taking these types of meds again.

Excessive Heat Exposure

Avoid any sunbathing or exposure to heat lamp after the Botox injections for as long as there’s any redness and swelling in the treated area(s).

Schedule Social Appearances

Finally, while you may be excited by your rejuvenated appearance following your treatment, do give yourself a week or two following the Botox treatment to make sure that you’re looking your very best and natural self before you start attending events, meetings, or – photo shoots!

Some people experience bruising, and, depending on the individual, it could take a week or so to go away.

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More than a staple of cosmetic enhancement used in over 78 countries around the world, Botox also has many other applications, such as Chronic Migraines, Excessive Sweating, TMJ Disorder/Clenching/Bruxism (Grinding) of Teeth, Gummy Smile Drooling, Overactive Bladder, and more.  Now is the time for you or your loved one to seek a viable solution with Botox treatments, whether it’s for rejuvenating and enhancing your natural beauty or a condition, and achieve a higher quality of life.

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