Check Out Our Most Recent Smile Makeover

At Smiles By Stevens we have had the pleasure and honor to transform many clients’ lives with their various dental needs over the years.

Our most recent smile makeover was performed on a patient who made the decision to gain confidence in her smile after spending years not doing so to hide the space between her front teeth.

Dr. Stevens restored our patient’s smile with the nearly invisible option of porcelain crowns.

We design restorations with dental crowns to seamlessly blend in with your other teeth, and they can often be added during just one regular office visit. We start with evaluating your needs and work to create a truly customized crown to repair your damaged or flawed tooth.

For our patient with the cosmetic flaws that affected her smile’s appearance, we can even use the crowns to hide the flaws for a more beautiful smile. Acting as caps, crowns were placed over her front teeth to enhance their appearance and create a more beautiful smile.

Dr. Stevens also performed tissue re-contouring. Soft tissue contouring allowed the doctor to reshape the soft tissue with a special laser, a procedure virtually painless with no aftereffects. Soft tissue contouring is often utilized during porcelain crown preparations for both aesthetic and functional reasons.

Here are before and after pictures:



Our happy patient is now smiling again!

Porcelain crowns are very durable and offer long-lasting benefits when used for tooth restoration and cosmetic procedures. The added layer of protection the crowns provide allow the underlying tooth to remain protected from future damage. With regular brushing, flossing, and visits to your dentist for cleanings, you’ll have the safe and comfortable option you need to repair your smile.

Dr. Shea F. Stevens specializes in general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry and was recently named one of PA’s top 20 dentists.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from creating or restoring a healthy and confident smile for you!

Learn more about smile makeovers and our Lancaster, PA general dentist who continues to be one of the most recognized and trusted dental offices in the area.