De-stress with These Exercises

Do you ever catch yourself clenching your jaw?  What about experiencing a tight and sore jaw while you are chewing?  Have you found yourself waking up with a headache or sore facial muscles? If so, you might be clenching your jaw at night in your sleep and not even realize it.  You may be asking […]

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Why Would I Need a Bone Graft?

Bone grafting technique has been utilized for over a hundred years with many useful medical applications, including the dental bone graft in more recent years.  While the technique may sound scary, it’s actually a relatively minor dental procedure that is a great way to get your dental health back on track. Here’s why you may […]

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What Happens If My Sleep Apnea Goes Untreated?

Sleep apnea, or OSA, is a sleep disorder that happens in all age groups and both sexes and affects more than 22 million American adults. Here are some things to know about sleep apnea and what happens if it doesn’t get treated: Sleep apnea is characterized by shallow breathing or long pauses in breathing, each […]

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How to Beat Dental Anxiety

According to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, as many as 40 million Americans avoid going to the dentist because of fear and anxiety. People may feel anxious about dental visits for different reasons – anticipated pain, negative memories of past experiences, worry that the dentist may find big issues, etc. Some even have dental […]

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Smiles By Stevens Receives Best Of Lancaster Award For Dentists For the 10th Year In A Row

The Lancaster Award Program partners with many business owners, professionals, marketing groups and tradesmen to award the best local small businesses for their service to their customers and their community. Every year, the Lancaster Award Program picks companies that they consider to be leaders in their respective areas of expertise. Business that receive the award […]

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Best known for addressing wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, eyebrow lift, and other cosmetic benefits, Botox is the #1 rated product of its kind.  Botox also has many medical applications. If you’re considering Botox – here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and how this popular treatment can work for you: […]

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What is the Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Attacks?

People with gum disease have two to three times the risk of having a heart attack, stroke, or other serious cardiovascular event, and researchers have explored the link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular health for many decades now. Gum disease is caused when the sticky, bacteria-laden film, referred to as dental plaque, builds up around […]

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