5 Obvious Signs You Had Botox and How To Avoid Them

Over the past decade, cosmetic and facial treatments have become far more popular and much less taboo than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean that people are interested in making it look obvious that they’ve had some procedures done or regularly do so.

If your Botox is done well, it won’t be easy to tell you’ve had work at all! Your skin should look rejuvenated and natural rather than glaringly evident that you’ve had some work done. Keep reading to learn signs that you’ve had Botox and how you can avoid them.

1. “Spock Brow”

What it looks like: Mr. Spock from Star Trek, i.e., overarched eyebrows.

Explanation: The edges of your eyebrows have an exaggerated, “pulled” appearance.

How to Avoid: Visit a provider with the proper tools and techniques who has had quality training. You don’t want your face looking constantly angry, surprised, quizzical, or any other mood that these eyebrows might convey.

2. Frozen Face

What it looks like: Robotic-like, i.e., an immovable forehead or other frozen facial features.

Explanation: Many people want Botox to have their face look young and fresh, but unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to too much Botox and not enough movement. Remember that some movement will make your face look more youthful rather than a completely frozen face that screams, “I’ve had Botox.”

How to Avoid: Visit a provider who uses the right amount of Botox so that you continue to have movement in your face.

3. Bunny Nose

What it looks like: The Easter Bunny, i.e., fine lines around the nose.

Explanation: Bunny lines consist of fine lines at the side of your nose that typically occur due to aging. However, Botox injected into another nearby muscle makes these lines become much more prominent as your face works harder to make expressions after injection. These bunny lines might appear while squinting, laughing, or other facial expressions that cause your nose to crinkle.

How to Avoid: With a few extra units of Botox, you can actually soften the muscles that are working a bit harder around the previously injected areas.

4. Bruises

What it looks like: Red or purple abrasions at the injection site.

Explanation: Any time an injection is administered in any part of your body, there is a high risk of bruising.

How to Avoid: As with other types of bruises, these marks will get better with time. You might find luck icing your face after treatment. To be safe, schedule your appointments in advance of social events to allow yourself time to heal. Concealer and other makeup products can also help hide bruising.

5. Shiny Features

What it looks like: Light reflection off your forehead, nose, cheeks, etc.

Explanation: By receiving too much Botox or treatment, your skin can both look and feel extremely smooth. Because of this, light bounces off the surface (i.e., your forehead) uniformly, making the skin appear shinier than the rest.

How to Avoid: Choose a practitioner who is both experienced in the area but also has a healthcare background and understands the functionality and physiology of facial muscles.

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